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5X Solutions, LLC

5X Solutions offers Mortgage Business Intelligence and Analytics with turn key, cloud based solutions that provide business intelligence, data integration, and automated KPIs for data driven mortgage lending businesses.

Mortgage Analytics and Business Intelligence

5X Solutions offers Telemetry BI, a turn-key, cloud based mortgage business intelligence platform. It automates the extraction and integration of accounting, financial, and loan production data to provide a comprehensive view of the mortgage enterprise in real-time. Telemetry BI is comprehensive. It includes the TOP 100 mortgage lending KPIs, branch reporting, loan officer score cards, pipeline management, P & Ls, and more

  • Automated Reporting: 5X Solutions uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to generate and distribute reports.

  • Data Warehouse Solutions: Integrates mortgage operations data with financial data to generate reports and graphs using the platform of you choice.

  • Consultancy: Advisory service that optimizes mortgage operations and fine tunes financial reporting.

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