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  • Learn practical flying techniques that comply with PART 107 Regulations
    • Course includes over 20 hours of material
    • Ten lessons with over 100 sub-topics
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    • Access to our panel of experts to answer your questions along the way
  • Access our online Resource Center
    • Knowledge Base of FAA Guidelines in simple English
    • Comprehensive modules addressing all FAA PART 107 rules
  • Prepare for your FAA PART 107 Exam with our easy to use “Test Prep Tools”
    • Self Assessment questions so you know which topics to focus on
    • Access to new and updated material as soon as it becomes available
    • Interactive tests w/ over 250 questions
This is the most comprehensive Part-107 course offered. It was designed by individuals from the FAA Workgroup assigned to the Airman Certification Standards (ACS) and the team behind the Eldorado Commercial Droneport.


Self-Paced Drone Piloting Class For FAA Part 107
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Base 11/CIE in partnership with The Aerodrome, LLC provides online classes and ground school for FAA UAS Part 107 drone pilot test preparation. Get this course and test prep for half the retail price when you sign-up below.

Learn How to Get An FAA Drone Certification (Part 107).
Master the aeronautical knowledge required to safely operate a small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) in the national airspace, and to successfully complete the FAA Knowledge Test for sUAS Operators. Online courses are designed for individuals to self-assess and prepare for the FAA examination under Part 107. This self-paced training can be taken at any time or place in order to accommodate other work and life commitments. This course is written by experienced professionals who serve on FAA advisory boards and specialize in education.

Online, Self-Paced Drone Piloting Class For FAA Part 107

How to Get the Most Out Of the Course:

  • Start with the Assessment to help you to determine what topics you should focus on
    • New pilots should take the entire class
    • Experienced pilots may focus on specific topics
    • Self-paced curriculum gives you control to view lectures as many times as you want
  • Online course available 24/7 on your computer, tablet and smartphone
  • Interact with instructors using the chat feature or email
  • Take the practice quizzes to test your understanding of the concepts after each lesson.
  • Explore the Resource Center that brings all the FAA materials together in one spot for added value learning
  • Get the class for only $99 (55% discount) when you register from this site.

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Here's what a retired Brigadier General had to say about our Part 107 Test Prep course:

“Fly Aerodrome’s course on sUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial System) Remote Pilot Knowledge Part 107 FAA was effective, efficient and complete. The method of course instruction allowed me to move forward at my own pace, and even go back for review of information that I missed on the exams.

Access was available to instructors for my questions, and the entire process was excellent (pre-test, teach, post-test).

As a former military helicopter pilot that has not flown in over 15 years, there was much information that had changed within the FAA system, and Fly Aerodrome instruction brought me quickly up to speed. I am confident I will pass the FAA exam when it is available, and I look forward to taking my real estate, appraisal, and commercial photography businesses to a new level.”

- Robert Felderman, Brigadier General, US Army, Retired.


David Jones


David currently serves on the FAA Workgroup assigned to the Airman Certification Standards (ACS) which is revising knowledge testing for virtually all FAA Certificates. He has served on the FAA Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee’s Workgroup for Part 147 revision as well as workgroups looking at implementing the recommended changes to part 147, and revisions to the Mechanic Oral and Practical testing process.

He has more than 35 years of experience in education/training involving flight and ground instruction, and equipment operator training experience. David has worked with commercial, governmental, and educational entities to develop aviation maintenance training involving all aspects of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operation and maintenance.

Training and Certifications

Federal Aviation Administration Certifications

. Mechanic, Airframe and Powerplant Ratings
. Commercial Pilot, Airplane Single and Multi-engine Land, Instrument Rating Current Books in Print Avotek Aeronautical Dictionary – Second Edition
By David Jones ISBN: 1-933189-20-7

Joanne Leming, Director of Education


Ms. Leming has been a leader in the Las Vegas post-secondary educational community for the past 20 years. In 2012, her focus shifted into the aviation arena, where her efforts were instrumental in opening the first for-profit FAA Part 147 Aircraft Maintenance Technician School in the State of Nevada.

As Director of Education for The Aerodrome since May 2014, Ms. Leming continues to pursue her passion for aviation education. Ms. Leming is committed to the future of unmanned aviation and the impact it will have on her students and community.

The past 4 years have provided opportunities for Ms. Leming to participate in aviation education at all levels, including her favorite experience, training middle school students to fly small unmanned aircraft.